OpenID Login Issues?

Since LJ was under the DDoS attack in the beginning of the month, I've not been able to log in to the site using my OpenID. Does anyone else use OpenID from LJ to log in and are having the same problem?

The site just brings me back to the same page with the field empty.

I'm guessing it's probably a change on LJ's end that happened in the course of combating the DDoS attack (I could log in and submit my overdue art on Nov 30), that makes it either handle OpenID requests differently or just plain refuse them, unless you've changed anything lately, Anke?

Round start, and other news

Emails went out yesterday. As far as I can tell everything on this side worked fine, and I hope they all arrived. If they didn't, please check your spam folder.

Of interest for quoting_mungo, who made the suggestion, and other people with multiple projects who'd like to organise their character profiles on the site: If you have added character lists (the first option on the "Manage References" page), which don't require links anymore, you can attach individual characters to them. That's done on the "edit" page of the character in question.
The list of your References will then be sorted under those lists. You can see the effect on my page.

Oh, and you can upload icons of the characters, to spiff up the list a bit.

Reminder, and art for Rachel

Hey folks, I hope everyone is having a good time. :)

quoting_mungo has submitted her image on the new site, though that is only a preview of the animated version

This round lasts only another few days, so let's all not forget to get our art done (apart from the two people who were smart and didn't procrastinate, that is).

The next round will run on Signups on the site will automatically close on the 31st December. If you are not signed up there then, you won't take part in the January round, even if you are on the autosignup list here.

One for Rachel, and general progress report

Rachel got an image on the new page

In other news, I added a very basic email notification option. You can chose to receive an email whenever someone comments on an image you uploaded, or if someone uploads an image for you - that includes replacing an existing image with a new file. The option shows up as last link above the "Last image for you".

If you haven't registered yet, it would be great if you'd do so - even if you're still owing an image. Particularly in that case, actually... then I would not have to fabricate data to test the adoptions system that's in the works. ;)

December mails are out

We're having a small round...

Becca hasn't finished her image for Rachel yet, but she expects to have it finished soon.

I'll go through the records and contact people who otherwise owe art still, too.

I'm not entirely sure yet if the next round will run here, or on the new page already. Depends on the progress I make...