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Round start, and other news
ankewehner wrote in mrcaex
Emails went out yesterday. As far as I can tell everything on this side worked fine, and I hope they all arrived. If they didn't, please check your spam folder.

Of interest for quoting_mungo, who made the suggestion, and other people with multiple projects who'd like to organise their character profiles on the site: If you have added character lists (the first option on the "Manage References" page), which don't require links anymore, you can attach individual characters to them. That's done on the "edit" page of the character in question.
The list of your References will then be sorted under those lists. You can see the effect on my page.

Oh, and you can upload icons of the characters, to spiff up the list a bit.

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It happens, and I can work with it.

How hard would it be to implement a dynamically updating countdown ("X characters left") by the short description field? Not demanding features or anything, but it would make things slightly easier, if it's not a huge problem.



I had looked at it for a bit and it seemed complicated/requiring getting into stuff I hadn't looked at so far, but I found something that was pretty much copy&paste. It does require JavaScript.

Thank you!

I do so love responsive developers!


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