January 2nd, 2008


For kuroiyousei, and possible messup.

Allright, so I'm even more disorganised than I think I was. I was a bit confused for whom I was supposed to draw, and looking at my sentbox, it looked like I had forgotten to send an email about last round to Stareyes. According to my notes, she was supposed to draw for kuroiyousei. I was supposed to draw for Stareyes. After being overdue anyway, I didn't want to wait out contacting Stareyes, so I just went and drew an image for kuroiyousei, which is OK even if Stareyes is drawing another image for her, because she's been stiffed twice already.

So, Stareyes. If you got the email and it just for some reason doesn't show up in my outbox, and you submit another image for kuroiyousei, I'll draw another image for you. You'd get your late, but at least that'd get rid of one adoption. @_@

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EDITED: Since Stareyes did draw an image for Kuroiyousei this round, this'll be the adoption image for round 07–04 which I promised half a year ago or so. @_@

Signup 08-01

Allright, that'll make the year full. Thanks a lot to the few and faithful who made this work so far!

I know there are still images outstanding, I'll make another post before signups close about those.

If anyone not on the autosignup list still wants to take part in the next round, leave the following information in a comment here:

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