January 4th, 2008



Awright, hopefully nothing wrong here...


Eliza and Kuroyousei are each down one image.

Would the people who owe like to submit something, or anyone else step up for an adoption, or do they have to wait until I finally manage to finish something?

Full list of art not turned in (yet):

round 07-12 Anke for Stareyes, because of aforementioned mixup, will get done this weekend.
round 07-10 Eliza for Stareyes, but she said just today it's in the works.
round 07-07 Rin (tehrin) for Kuroyousei
round 07-04 Sirius (lions_courage) for Kuroiyousei, but there's a mixup-made-adoption picture from me from last round.
round 07-04 Demeters Servant (demeter_servant for Eliza
round 07-02 Cryssi (harmonies) for Eliza - adoption image was drawn by me