April 1st, 2008


I got you for the March...sorry to make you wait! I have hardly drawn anybody younger than 18, so I'm not sure how good this is, despite my doing my best. Only kid I've done is my 5 yr old character Marty, and he still looks older then he is.

Hope you like it though..and sorry again! I was sick and unable to upload/post until now x.x


Outstanding art, and round 08-04 emails sent

Time flies, time flies.

Sirius still owes an image to Kuroiyousei, Rin still hasn't reacted.
As to last round, Risawn has spoken up, Rachel has not submitted for Eliza - and I haven't finished my image for Hathor. I've got pencils, and I hope to finish it tomorrow, or at least by the end of the week. *looks sheepish*

Otherwise, emails have been sent; as usual, speak up if there's a problem.