May 1st, 2008

the little weed

a note for Hathor

As Anke alluded, I have had a really rough time of it this week--I've been super busy this month with my work training, and this week I'm spending 9 hours a day there, and last weekend I had to go to the emergency room and I've had a rough time recovering with all the work I have to do. So, I will finish up your picture this weekend, and I apologize for the delay. :)

Round 08-05 signup

All right, from round 08-04, Eliza, Hathor and Stareyes haven't turned in art yet...

Eliza I know had a horrible week between job training and a nasty nickness.

Signup closed

Sorry those are so late this time; I'll leave them open until Monday.

If anyone not on the autosignup list wants to take part in the round of April, leave the following information in a comment here.

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