June 18th, 2008

Attention: Shinmaxwell

I'm firstly going to apologize. I will be honest, I didn't spend a whole long time on this (though still quite a while) and I made a cheap crappy background.

I'm getting married very soon, aside from all the planning and stuff involved with that, I have a lot of artistic things to do before then. At the same time, photobucket is having that stupid problem with the idiots that registered a second photobucket.com and therefore I couldn't view your references for his armour so I just sort of... Didn't add any. At all. He's nude. But there's no actual naughty bits. I'm sorry if that upsets you or something, but it was good body practice.

Anyways, you can find it here: http://reikaza.deviantart.com/art/MRCaX-Raloth-89044366

Hope you still like him ^^;