June 29th, 2008


I got you for this round. I thought about it, but ended up doing Cade, because I guess I like the sound of the character...what can I say? I'm no human artist, but thankfully this one turned out well, to my surprise. I'm glad I can do a decent human for someone else at least.

Hope you like!


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*headdesks* Sorry, late again. I'll leave the signup open through Thursday.

Closed now

If anyone not on the autosignup list wants to take part in the round of July, leave the following information in a comment here.

Your email address:

Preferred name for credits:
LJ username:
Reference link:
Any particular notes?:

Link for credits:
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Well I typed in faerytale but it changed it when posting so I'm assuming you had a name change.

I got you this round and decided to try your girl Aria.

Click image for full view.

I'm not to great at people and it took me forever to do a sketch that I liked enough to ink and color. I'm happy with this except the fact my scanner ate the shading a lot.
I hope you like it, sorry you didn't get someone expert with humans to draw someone for you.