June 30th, 2008


ATTN: Riku

Sorry to be coming in at the last minute like this; I've had a kind of hectic month. It didn't help that I looked at your characters right when I got the email, and decided who I wanted to draw... And then proceeded to mentally flail a lot because it was a complicated character. (And whose fault was it I picked a complicated character, hmm?)

So... Have art. Sorry about lack of background and such, I originally wanted to have some, but there was no time and I think he might've disappeared into the background anyway if I'd added one so might be just as well.

Collapse )
Hopefully that's at least somewhat close to your idea of him. I liked the thought of six-limbed creature made out of rocks, mud and vines, so... Yeah.

Sorry about making you the guinea pig for a new coloring idea I had. It didn't work out quite as I planned, though thankfully it isn't as bad as it first seemed to turn out. Next time, I'll have to remember to fade the grey I darken the background legs with, though.