July 23rd, 2008


Adoptions, request, tags, signup

Kuroiyousei is still down one image; Sirius, who owes her one, said he would work on it, but I haven't heard from him since. I've started an adoption image to make up for it.
quoting_mungo is down one image since Stareyes hasn't finished the image for the April round, but I've caught her on an IM a few days ago and she said it'd get done.
Hathor and Mazz are owed an image each by Eliza, both her and I messed up a bit. Eliza is planning to do them, but since I don't know when that'll get done, I started a little thing for Hathor.
If anyone wants to draw an adoption image, speak up, please.

Request for everyone on the Autosignup list
You would do me a great favour if you changed your post to the new format, since that is was easier for me to copy and paste.

I changed the community settings so that only I can add new tags, but everyone can apply those tags to the entries, to avoid things like having one member using three different names.

And, finally,
August Signup, CLOSED NOW

If anyone not on the autosignup list wants to take part in the round of July, leave the following information in a comment here.

Your email address:

Preferred name for credits:
LJ username:
Reference link:
Any particular notes?:

Link for credits: