August 31st, 2008


I got you this month...sorry for the wait..bad month. But enough about that. I picked Delwyn because I need the practice at drawing human-like people with pointy ears. He's SUPPOSED to be sitting on a throne of sorts, talking to someone off screen. Sorry for any mistakes..but I am a horrid humanoid artist at the moment XD Hope you like anyway!

I actually like it for some reason myself XD
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For Anke

You know, I think maybe August was a bad month for a lot of people. We've been notorious busy at work (I'm not complaining about THAT, though -- in this recession, I'm thrilled we're doing so well, epsecially as picture framing sometimes can be considered a luxury, although I consider it a necessity to preserve art and, besides, art is a necessary part of life, but I digress.) There had been one major crisis in my life, one that involved dear friends of mine and I've been trying to get stuff settled there.

Anywho, Anke, here's Vlad and Nico -- I think I'm going to save the lineart and maybe colour it better by hand once I get my mind settled in a better art mode. Gomen nasai if it seems a bit rough -- I think I was getting frustrated that it wasn't coming out the way I was envisioning it. I think I might have bitten a little bit more than I could chew with this image, but anyway, enough rambling:

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ATTN: Mazz and Kuroiyousei

I fully intended to have this done about four weeks ago, but things kept coming up and, admittedly, I'm not the best when it comes to sticking to self-imposed deadlines. If someone else says to get done before a date, I will be, but if I tell myself "I should have this done and out of the way this week" it rarely happens.

My chosen for this month was Kuroiyousei.
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I also volunteered to do an adoption piece for Mazz.
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If either of you want the original, they're tiny and cheap to mail, so just send me your address over LJ PM. The only thing I ask is that you give away, return or resell them if you decide in the future you don't want to keep them. (It breaks my heart to see art thrown away.)