September 30th, 2008


I got you this round. Sorry to make you wait. I did this because we all know that in a big palace or castle as soon as the current dishes are cleaned and ready...BOOM. Another table or sink full. Fun times! (Sorry it isn't colored...I tried...and this looked better without). I'm still a horrible human sorry for any anatomy mistakes..hope you like it anyway!

For Anke

I drew your Keeper this month!

Collapse )

I'll edit the post with the usual in-line image later, and that'll be a PNG as usual, I've just not had time to put it on my webspace yet (need to do that from the other computer). Also, happy birthday! :)

I have now edited the post to put the picture in-line. All is back to normal.
And PM me if you want the original, and I can stick it in the mail for you.