October 3rd, 2008


October emails out, also, adoption

Despite me plugging the community in a couple of places, this is another round of "only" people on the autosignup list. Now, I'd like to thank you all who are sticking around and keeping this communty going, but I thought it would be more interesting with less repeats, so it would be great if you could maybe help a bit spreading the word.

Mazz hasn't turned in the art for Amy for the August round; yould anyone volunteer for adoption art? Her signup information is here.

Sorry the emails went out a day late, I had more stuff to do yesterday than I anticipated.

As usual, if you notice any problems, speak up. :

Becca Stareyes and Amy K. Cyrway!

Since I was so late getting stuff done last month, I'm overcompensating and getting things done silly early this month! (Also because I have an art show to prepare for so I want other artsy obligations out of the way.)

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If either of you wants the original art, send me a LJ PM with your address. It's just the size of a postcard, so cheap to mail.