November 30th, 2008


I got you this month. Last time I had you I did Cade, this time I did Eddie, because of how his hair and eyes reminded me of my own character Sean in a way. I even did a joke picture besides this one..but I'm hesitant to upload that too XD

Yes..that's SUPPOSED to be a soccer ball..but..I can't draw them worth a flip...hope you like it though!

For FK

Sorry I'm in at the last minute. If I'd had the spare brain power to remember to do so I would probably have sat out this month, as between internship and NaNoWriMo and the release of a new WoW expansion, my attention span's been terribly overtaxed. Also sorry about the desaturated iffy scan - my dad's managed to somehow break the scanner software so that it won't scan at all unless you let it use its icky default settings.

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