Goddamned Resurrecting Bitch (quoting_mungo) wrote in mrcaex,
Goddamned Resurrecting Bitch

Becca Stareyes and Amy K. Cyrway!

Since I was so late getting stuff done last month, I'm overcompensating and getting things done silly early this month! (Also because I have an art show to prepare for so I want other artsy obligations out of the way.)

For Becca, I drew Red Black. I'm hoping that's okay, since your exchange page gave the option of looking around your gallery and drawing other characters if one could be certain they're yours. He's sitting around in a tavern looking grumpy like any true merc would. Though I don't know if a true merc would let their beer sit untouched like that.

And for Amy, I drew Rani. I saw the line about how if he put on a colorful shirt, his nature would seep all color out of it. So this idea struck me. He's trying to pick flowers, but they turn black in his hands. I'm sorry if it's kind of dark, the computer I adjusted the levels on was set a lot brighter than my own monitor and I don't know which one's "right".

If either of you wants the original art, send me a LJ PM with your address. It's just the size of a postcard, so cheap to mail.
Tags: adoptions, by quoting_mungo, for amy k. cyrway, for becca stareyes, round 08-08, round 08-10
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