Anke (ankewehner) wrote in mrcaex,

Monthly Mod Post

I sent out the emails for the October round; if there are any problems, please speak up.

The_lest sends apologies for not finishing the entry for Kuroiyousei. Their tablet broke and is currently being fixed. and I have no idea if the_lest is male or female/what pronoun they prefer, whee. *cough*

The next round will start as usual early in November.

If you'd like to join that round, leave the following info in a comment. You can also put yourself on the Autosignup List, if you want to be included in all future rounds.

Your email address:

Preferred name for credits:
LJ username: (please no link)
Reference link: (please paste full urls, rather than using html links, since this info gets copied and pasted)
Any particular notes?:

Link for credits:

This signup is CLOSED now.
Tags: mod post, round 10-10, round 10-11
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