Monthly Mod Post

Emails for the November round are out now; if there's any problem, please either drop me a mail or leave a comment here. Again, sorry about the delay; it was mostly me getting distracted by NaNo - and coding.

I mentioned before, I'm working on a dedicated website for this exchange for my Bachelor thesis. It's only on my machine right now, and not mature enough to show to anyone yet, but I wanted to know: Would anyone here be willing to help test things once it's reached that stage?

December Signup

As usual, the round will start on or shortly after the 1st December, with the deadline being the 31st.

If you'd like to join that round, leave the following info in a comment.

Your email address:

Preferred name for credits:
LJ username: (please no link)
Reference link: (please paste full urls, rather than using html links, since this info gets copied and pasted)
Any particular notes?:

Link for credits: