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mrcaex's Journal

Monthly Random Character Art Exchange
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All Members , Moderated
This is an exchange for character art. Different from most (all?) of these exchanges run on LJ, the artist who draws for you picks which of your characters to draw, so it's a double surprise. :)

  • You sign up to a round, providing a link to your website with character information.

  • At the beginning of the month, you receive an email with the link one of the other members submitted.

  • You pick one (or more) of their characters, draw an image of those and upload it somewhere.

  • You submit a note to this community linking to or including the image before the last day of the month.

Accepted characters

Humans, furries, robots, animals, whatEVER is accepted. Having a good mix would be better, because then the artist drawing for you can pick what they are most comfortable with, but as long as your selection does not only consist of a pair of identical twins, that's OK.

Some people are not comfortable with adult material, so, the usual: only draw it if you are absolutely certain the receiver appreciates it; if you submit such images, put them behind a cut or link and include a warning.
You can join if your references include some adult material, if it is clearly separated from General/PG 13 material, and the latter is sufficient to work from.
References and character profiles

You must have at the very least two different characters with some visual reference (images drawn by you or others) as well as character information.
If you also have descriptions of characters that have no visual references, or have images of characters without profiles yet, you could include a note with your signup info saying if you would rather people ignore those, or if you'd particularly like images of those characters.

More on character profiles
Members' comments on what they need in profiles

Avoid webhosts that block access to your site if it is above a certain traffic limit!

Draw as you would like someone else draw for you. Start your image early.
Since you have a whole month, you're encouraged to push your abilities, for example try to include a background, but it's not an absolute must.

It's clear that the skill level will be different, and we're not going to nag on that, but there must be some effort and respect involved: No images drawn on lined paper or with creases in the paper, or scans of horrible quality, or 2-minute doodles ridiculously below your usual quality of work.
Deadline and late art.

The deadline to turn in art is always the last day of the month. If you do not turn in art by then, you cannot take part again until you have finished the art you owe.
If you cannot finish in time, please either post to the community, or contact ankewehner directly, if you can.

Adoptions will be set up as necessary, that is, when it appears the artist assigned to draw is not going to submit the art just a few days late.


Just the basics everywhere, really. Be polite, don't tell someone they suck, put big images behind a cut.
Constructive criticism is encouraged.

Any questions, just comment on the last mod post or contact Anke (ankewehner) via her journal.